With a batch of new tunes written, we have started recording the next Limbo Souls album. A big departure from Sugar, this new one will be featuring vocals from me, Carl and Steve. Very excited. Check back for updates!

Very excited to be part of the Chelmsford Center for the Arts concert series for 2016. This is an all ages show starting at 7:30 on March 5th. Check the calendar for information on purchasing tickets.

So happy to be welcoming bass player Jared Ambrose to the band. Having played bass for local favorites, Speakermute, Jared has been able to fill some pretty big shoes with his groovy bass playing and his top notch musicianship. He brings a fresh approach to the tunes while maintaining that signature Limbo Souls sound.

Show him a little love at The Back Page on May 30th!

It's been a year and a half in the making and on July11th we will be celebrating the release of Sugar at The Zorba Music Hall in downtown Lowell. Horns, background singers and all your favorite peeps adds up to one fun filled night... a 70's soul extravaganza!

It's official...our new CD, Sugar, will be available in early spring. Heavily influenced by my favorite soul bands of the 70s (The Spinners, Delfonics, Stylistics, Marvin Gaye, etc.), Sugar is an attempt to travel back to a time when melody and harmony ruled the airwaves, when the song arrangements were as vital as the songs.

Stay tuned...plans for a CD release party coming soon!

When band mate Carl Johnson suggested we record the new album at his house, I was a little nervous. Now that we are nearing completion, I couldn't be happier. Horns, congas, layers of background vocals and with the Limbo Souls laying down the grooves, this is one special record. Check out So Natural in the audio player. Sugar pie...

With seven new tunes written, the new album is really starting to take shape. Lots of 70's soul influences and maybe a cover or two. Hoping to be in the studio in January. Stay tuned.

Started writing a few tunes for the next record tentatively titled Limbo Soul. Always wanted to do a soul album and I'm already getting excited about this one. Horn section, back up singers...you get the idea.

Here's one of the new tunes, "She Is".

Introducing The Neverly Brothers! Myself and Lowell musician Dave Norton transform into Bubba and Norm Neverly performing all Everly Brothers all the time.Bye Bye Love, Love Is Strange, Let It Be Me...doesn't get any better than the Evs. Check the calendar for upcoming shows.

Thursday night, October 18th at 10:00, Peter Lavender and the Limbo Souls will take the spotlight as part of 92.5 The River's Homegrown Series. Tune in!

In case you missed the Listening Lately in Lowell article in Sunday's Boston Globe, here it is.

A HUGE thank you to all who came out to the Back Page for the release of my new album, Middle Street. A packed house of your favorite people, old friends, new friends...doesn't get any better.

Special thanks to Howl in Lowell for the cool story and to 980 WCAP for broadcasting the show live. And to band mate Arte K for jumpstarting the night with a killer set of his own.

After a few line up changes the band is finally set: Carl Johnson/guitar; Arte Kenyon/bass; Steve Esposito/keys; and Justin Bealieu/drums. From now on known as The Limbo Souls. And with lyric contributions from Carl and Arte (check out Leak in the Laundry Room and You'll Come Around) the band continues to get stronger. If you haven't been to a show in a while, get yourself out...these guys can play! Check out the YouTube video of Careful What You Wish For...smoking!

After playing two rollicking nights at Voices on Lakeview Ave in Lowell, me and the boys headed to Brian's Ivy Hall for the Will Rock for Food benefit. What a night! Melvern Taylor and his Fabulous Meltones set the stage with an outstanding set. Jen Kearney brought the house down. And Treat Her Right packed the dance floor to close out the night.

Many thanks to Craig Himmelberger for organizing such a magical night. Can't wait till the second annual.

Fun night last month. Great to have Arte K and Sir Bob laying down the rhythm. And to see good friend Craig Himmelberger smiling from ear to ear while he provided some tasty ukelele licks, well, it doesn't get much better than that.

Saturday, June 26th, we do it all again only this time with Carl Johnson taking the guitar leads. That alone is worth the trip. Hope to see you.

Just about ready to start recording my third album tentatively titled Unreliable. Hoping for a September release. Songs will include Dwelling on Tomorrow, Careful What You Wish For and my new favorite, How Many Times. Check back for updates.
Funny what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was just beginning to record Never Now, not knowing much about anything else except that I was hoping to make an early 70's influenced record. One year later, I have half the songs written for a third album and I'm performing with the most talented, nicest bunch of guys...Bob Nash, Scott Riccuiti, Carl Johnson and Dave Bellenoit, it doesn't get any better. Feels good to be back in the bars and though I'm not ruling out a coffee house show in the future, the music works best with a band in the presence of alcohol. With all the requests for Dwelling on Tomorrow, I'm thinking about making it available as a single. I'll keep you posted.
This week I took over Audio Floss, the music blog at the Sun. Features include Lavender Loops, In the Bars and Pix and Tix. Hoping the blog will help revive a sleepy Lowell music scene. Any and all comments appreciated. GET LOUD!
A big thank you to anyone who made the trek to Mickey's Friday night. It was nice to see a Lowell bar packed for a night of original music. Tex MacNamara and his Bucking Broncos played a fun-packed opening set of country/rock gems. Carl, Bob, Scott and Dave played their hearts out with me after that. What a night!
Sangrias in Lowell, the original venue for my CD release party, has mutated into "Mickey's Irish Pub". Same owners; same intimate room. Songwriter Melvern Taylor gets things rolling at 7:00. Should be a great night of music. Hope to see everyone there.
Andy Jacobson, owner of Brew'd Awakening (best coffee in Lowell) is selling Never Now at his Market St. location. He sold one to a woman who was getting married and looking for local musicians to play at her wedding. Shouldn't take her long to realize Never Now is the last thing she should be listening to.
Made it to Doug's top 5 for the October issue of Metronome. "Peter Lavender is a talented guy who goes unnoticed more often than not." My life story in ten words or less. For the complete review click Press in the menu.
Several people have asked about the cover art for Never Now. The original painting was created by Patrick Moriarty, then a third grade student at the school where I teach music. After a courageous battle with cystic fibrosis, Patrick said his final goodbye on February 2, 2007. To find out more about Patrick's incredible story, visit team-pj.com.
Tonight at 10:00PM the River 92.5 will be playing Out of Our Hands from my new CD Never Now as part of their Homegrown series.
Finally confirmed a date at Sangrias in Lowell for a CD release party: October 24th at 7:00PM. (See the calendar for details) Don't know how it happened but Scott, Carl and Bob are all in. Should be a blast. Don't miss it!
Got together with old friend Scott Ricciuti from the band Huck to rehearse for a few live shows. Hadn't seen Scott in twelve years but it was so freakin' fun to sing with him again...like riding a bike. The guy is immensely talented. We may do some coffe house stuff to get ready. Check the calendar for dates.
This week I begin rehearsing with "the Band" for an upcoming CD release party sometime in the fall. This is a tentative line up but some what of an all star one. Looks like: Scott Ricciuti: guitar Carl Johnson: guitar Sir Bob Nash: drums Check back for dates.
Wow! The radio show was a blast. Droppin Knowledge host JoeG was the coolest. If you missed the show, I just posted a link.
July 17th at 4:00 I'll be performing live on WMBR FM88.1, to promote my new CD Never Now. Hosted by JoeG, the show will include a live, in-studio performance, CD tracks from both Back to Normal and Never Now, and an extended, hour-long interview. Tune in for the fun. http://wmbr.mit.edu
Never Now will be ready on June 24th. Should be available through CDBaby a few weeks after that. If you can't wait, send me an email and we'll find a way to get you one. Thanks, Peter
The other day I was enjoying a dinner at my favorite Lowell restaurant (the Viet Thai), when I overheard two women professors discussing a recent trip to Italy. At one point one turned to the other and said, "You know, throughout history the Italians have always sacrificed morality for the sake of beauty, especially in the arts." Never have I been more proud of my Italian heritage.
Nailing down the final mixes for Never Now this week. Also just finished a great photo shoot for the CD cover art. I'll be posting some pictures soon.
A few weeks back a 1st grade student raised her hand as I was walking into the classroom. " Anything happen to you this week? " she asked politely. "No Victoria; it's been a relatively quiet couple of days." She responded, "Maybe you could stick a needle in your eye so you could tell us a story about it.' Later that night it occured to me that's pretty much how most of the songs on Never Now got written. Should be available in a few weeks. Check back for updates.
Thought about changing the name of my new CD to Rust, Dust and Horse Manure (the Anatomy of a Break Up). At any rate, it's nearly done. I've been having so much fun I don't want it to end. Couldn't have picked a better guy to work with than Bob Nash at Wonka Sound. Hoping to have it finished by the beginning of May.
My new CD , Never Now, is turning into the rock CD I always wanted to make. Back to Normal was intentionally Americana, a reflection of the times. Never Now is unapologetically 70's rock and I couldn't be happier with the results. Shooting for a mid April release date.
Just got asked to play at Life Alive on Saturday, February 9th as part of the Winterfest celebration in Lowell. Human bob-sled races, bonfires, Souper Bowl: always a fun way to break up the cold, dreary winter months. Check the calendar for details.
Started laying down the basic tracks for my upcoming CD, Never Now. Old friend and guitar god Scott Ruffner will be playing on several songs. Hoping for a realease date in the Spring. Stay tuned for more updates.
Booked a recording session at the end of December to begin work on my follow up CD Never Now. Hoping for a release some time in February, 2008.
A big, warm thank you to all who attended Friday night's performance at Life Alive. The atmosphere could not have been better. The audience was wonderful. Hoping to play there again soon. Loved the room and loved singing without a PA...felt so intimate. A very cozy place for a Summer evening in September. Thanks again for being there.
September 7th I'll be doing a solo show at Life Alive a very cool organic cafe in Lowell. (see the calendar for details) Hope to see you there.
Sometimes life throws you a few punches and you hope for some kind of sign to get you through. For me that sign came in the form of a Big Papi homerun ball that left his bat and found it's way into my outstretched hand. 36,000 Fenway Faithful and I'm the one who caught the ball. It's all gonna be just fine. Go Red Sox!
1. When the Truth's What You Need 2. More Than You'll Ever Know 3. Never Now 4. Grab Hold of Me 5. This Time 6. Letting Go 7. Out of Our Hands 8. Mushroom Hill 9. Personal Crusade 10. Just Once Would You Come Back to Me
Finishing writing a batch of songs for my new CD tentatively titled Never Now. Hoping to begin recording over the summer with a release date by the end of the year. "We're hard pressed to feeling it's now or never afraid to think it might be never now." Ah, well...
Just booked two shows at the Brew'd Awakening. Check the calendar for details.
If you were lucky enough to attend Friday night's show at Brew'd Awakening, you caught a glimpse of a major talent and all around nice guy, San Diego's Lee Coulter. I haven't been this impressed since the first time I saw Jonatha Brooke play at Christopher's in Porter Square fifteen or so years ago. Check him out at leecoulter.com. It was great to break back into performing in front of a wonderful audience of friends and family. Hopefully, there will be more dates coming.
Just booked my first show at the Brew'd Awakening on Market Street in Lowell. Click calendar dates for more info.
Many thanks to anyone who purchased a copy of Back to Normal. Passed the hundred mark over the weekend.
The April edition of Metronome is out. Cool page and a half interview. Pick it up at Newbury Comics.
After a pretty nice review, Metronome asked me to do the cover story and interview for the April edition. Available at Newbury Comics sometime at the end of March. Check it out!
Peter Lavender returns with his first solo CD project, Back to Normal. A heartfelt collection of nine beautifully crafted songs, Back to Normal is an acoustic rock tapestry harking back to the confessional songwriters of the early 70's. Several years in the making, this collection of songs will remind us all just how much we should be willing to remember and how much more we should be willing to forget. Available at CDBaby.com.

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